1.2.0 has been released with some cool new features. See the announcement for more information.

This widget provides a nice, optionally thumbnailed list of Zazzle products based on query parameters you configure it with, including the store, search terms and sorting mechanism. Unlike other Zazzle widgets, this one only uses the referral identifier that you give it, or none at all if you do not specify one (you know who you are — *wink*).

Additionally, this widget can be embedded into your posts and pages with a shortcode. These shortcodes look something like [pizazz query=asparagus rows=8 columns=3].

I use PCRE to parse the RSS feeds. If Pizazz does not work, make sure that PCRE is available in your PHP installation. It is available on most PHP servers.

Pizazz is multisite-compatible!

NOTICE: I don’t have a testing staff, and my ability to think of every potential problem is limited. If you have problems make sure to report them to me or I won’t know they exist for a long time!


8 Responses to Pizazz

  1. user says:

    That other plug you mention has a nice posting with documentaiton of the short codes avaialble. Could you write something similar, docmenting usage and explaining what shortcodes your plug-in includes (if any), and if it doesnt include any…. well… maybe add some 😉

    • I don’t recall mentioning another plugin. But this feature is on my to-do list: something such as [pizazz-listing query=asparagus store=holidaybug width=20 height=4] would generate a 20×4 product listing in your page/post. I’m on a tight deadline right now with a higher-priority project and won’t be able to contribute anything to Pizazz for now, though. When I get time, that’s going to be the first feature I add, though!

  2. User says:

    Thanks! Understand you are on a deadline.

    The “other plug-in” was the one you talked about by another author that over-wrote associate-IDs.

    When you get back to this plug-in, I’d like to see you add these things;

    The ability to selectively toggle on/off the following fields for a query; product title, product description, product creator, product price.

    The ability to randomize the order the products appear/display after the query.

    The ability to sort the resulting query by title, price, popularity or date created

    • Thank you for understanding. I forgot that I had mentioned the Zazzle Store Plugin. Toggling title, description, creator and price wouldn’t be too hard, just a few more parameters. I might not understand what you mean, but I’m pretty sure my plugin properly randomizes products already. If it doesn’t, then that’s a bug. Sorting by other properties could also be implemented fairly easily.

      My only worry is price. I don’t think the current RSS feed provides price, or at least not in an obvious way, so I may or may not have to send in a request to Zazzle themselves. I’m sure there is a way and I just missed it, though.

  3. User says:

    check out the _other_ guys plugin at zazzletools(dot)com for the parameters/toggles example including price. You also might mimic his example of documentation. I look forward to the next update, and being able to switch over to your plug and get all my referrals!

  4. Very awesome plugin. Is there a way to add a “description” of each item? Though I’m not entirely sure if I’d actually like the look of all the words floating there, lol. But, I’m just wondering to see if I could “play” with that parameter…

    • Very awesome plugin.

      Thanks. =)


      There is currently no way to display the description for an item. The text, I imagine, would be too large for a table cell anyway. I’ve experimented with adding more text and it tends to cause rending issues because of this.

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