We have just released a level repository manager for Secret Maryo Chronicles. It allows you to install levels from the Secret Maryo Chronicles Level Repository right from the command-line.

The SMC Level Repository now has a new folder called “packages”, which contain YAML files with a Title, Author List, Description and Difficulty field along with a list of required graphics and levels. smc-get can download such a file, print out the information fields, install the required files, and uninstall them. Now you can install levels with just a few words at a terminal.

The project is in-development and has a few missing features. We are currently working on implementing reference-counted dependency counting, update-checking, and more. Once the users and developers of Secret Maryo Chronicles are satisfied, smc-get will be ported from the Ruby programming language to C++ and merged with the game.

One important thing about smc-get is that it does require package files, and currently they are very limited in number. The best way to help with this project is to try your hand at writing new package files for the various level sets in the Secret Maryo Chronicles Level Repository. Help is much appreciated; free and open source projects are as great as they are because of all the volunteers that contribute.

Download smc-get at It is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 3 or later.


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