I’ve been away from programming my projects for awhile. I’m not going to disclose why, ’cause I like to keep some mystery surrounding my microscopic internet presence. Or maybe I’m just paranoid, how are you to know? Anyway…

Since I’ve been away for so long, some cob webs have cropped up. CANINE is still just a basic little rendering engine (still entertains me, though!) and Pizazz has some bugs due to incompatibilities with a slight (SLIGHT!) change in the Zazzle RSS feed. Also, I should give Secret Maryo Chronicles some love…that game helped me get through a week of nothing-to-do (or a month? I can’t remember…) and I want to ensure its continued development. So, here’s my game plan:

  1. Fix the bug in Pizazz where image resizing stopped working. Make a hotfix release.
  2. See if I can get my secret TinyBASIC compiler to a little more than just tokenize source code.
  3. Add in a way to embed Zazzle product feeds into WordPress pages with Pizazz via shortcodes. [pizazz-listing query=asparagus store=HolidayBug]
  4. Hack on the secret platformer I’ve been working a bit on with a new friend of mine.
  5. Get some basic scripting going in CANINE so we can get some interactivity out of the billboards. (Exploding barrels here I come! Later.)
  6. Add in a script editor to Secret Maryo Chronicles to help out Quintus’s new scripting subsystem.
  7. Hack a bit more on CANINE to get some bullets and enemies going.
  8. Get that TinyBASIC compiler I mentioned to output something that I can compile with Netwide Assembler (hence marking my first successful attempt at a compiler).
  9. Work a bit on that beat-em-up I made some mock-up-graphics for.

I’m going to try and stick to this as much as possible, only diluting it with Team Fortress 2. (Why must I have friends to play Mann vs. Machine? I don’t have enough! I don’t need Valve’s social pressure. >:[) If anybody gives me compelling reason, though, this order may be subject to change. It has to be really compelling, though.

Thanks to anybody who’s still interested in my projects,

– Luiji Maryo


About entertainingsoftware
I am a software developer; mostly, I like to program video games and archivers. I know over 20 programming languages, but I mostly program in C and Lua.

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